Our mission is to inspire and empower others to build more bee safe places in Minneapolis and beyond!

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In 2005 Russ Henry started Giving Tree Gardens, an organic environmental services company that focuses on rebuilding local ecosystems and local food systems, as well as empowering area residents to grow health in their communities. In 2011 Russ Henry helped launch the Local Food Resource Hubs Network in partnership with Gardening Matters.  Russ served on the board of directors for Restorative Justice Community Action and served for 6 years as a restorative justice advocate and facilitator.

Russ Henry began working on the Grow! Twin Cities co-op project in 2011 when he and 4 partners operated an urban farm-site and greenhouse facility which housed 5 start-up urban farm businesses. Russ has served on the Community Environmental Advisory Committee of Minneapolis, and as Co-chair of the Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council, a policy advisory and food system collaborative committee. Russ Henry is currently a candidate for Minneapolis Park Board At-large.

Organic / Pollinator Friendly ServicesPollinator HabitatOrganic Lawn CareConsultation and Garden Coaching, Shoreline Restoration


Karlie Cole’s passion is to leverage her web design and technology skills to help accelerate the transition to sustainability by supporting the work of protectors and advocates in various interrelated fields including pollinator protection, local food systems, Living Streets, and care for our urban trees, native species, water and soil.

Karlie’s home yard and garden is 100% pesticide free and lawn free with many native pollinator friendly plants, A mini fruit forest and several species of bees who enjoy it. She deals with multiple sensitivities and knows only too well the toll pesticides exact on human bodies. She envisions Minneapolis as safe, supportive and free of chemicals for our pollinators, kids, pets, wildlife, air, water and soil.